This site is for people who want to change the world through the Golden Rule.

Treat others only as you expect to be treated in the same situation.

Why You Need to Read This Blog Regularly

Everyone has heard of the Golden Rule: “Do Unto Others as You Would Have Them Do Unto You.”

Nice platitude, right? Are you using it in your business?

Are you sure?

Can you honestly say your customer service team applies this regularly? Or did you train them to take your firm’s interest first? Why are your competitors praised for their Zappos-like service?

What You Want

You want higher sales, more customers, and more happy customers who keep coming back. Doing this well and consistently is hard. I have a solution.

The Golden Rule.

How do you take the Golden Rule from its religious context and apply it to business situations you encounter every day? The Golden Rule applied is the thought of role reversal and the Act of treating others as you would expect to be treated in the same situation. On this site, we will apply the Golden Rule primarily to business situations such as sales, marketing, design, and travel.

What You Gain From Reading

If anything, this is what you should learn the following from joining our community:

The Golden Rule is the starting point for any business. Here’s how to use it in these situations. If you can apply the Golden Rule at least once a day in your career, in your business then you and your customers will obtain the value each of you desires.

Keep Reading if You …

  • Want to better understand why you are in business and who buys from you.
  • You make a living serving others, organizing, or delivering services or products. I can teach you how to better understand your customers and increase sales through application of the Golden Rule.
  • You want to build a business or organizational culture which leads to profit. There is only one way to do this and it’s the Golden Rule.
  • You want to effect change in your businesses. Instead of feeling frustration, look within, and then use the Golden Rule. Change first to offer value to others. Be surprised by the results.

If you join the community, you will come away with the tools to take the Golden Rule from platitude to action. Acting is important because your business, your team, and your customers are relying on you to get your delivery right.

How? It’s about aligning the entire business around the Golden Rule, which of course, is “customer centric.”


The mission of Golden Rule Now is to tell the world about the benefits of the Golden Rule across Customer Service, Sales, Marketing, Business, and Travel. Golden Rule Now is about helping others learn how to apply the Golden Rule in all the situations of business and life.

The site, from the domain down, is about the Golden Rule: treat others as you consent to being treated in the same situation. There are plenty of corollaries and specific applications of the Golden Rule to clarify how one should act in a specific situation. The goal of the site is to help you take the Golden Rule from platitude to action. You will see “unwritten rules” written down because I have personally seen or heard of people simply ignoring these Golden Rule applications. Ultimately, my goal is for you, as the reader, to take away one concept: the Golden Rule is a living concept which can and should be used daily.

GoldenRuleNow’s primary offering is insightful analyses of business situations and how the Golden Rule applies in each one. In time, I hope you will find this a valuable resource and mutually beneficial, Golden Rule practicing Community. If you find what you read here useful, share it with your colleagues and friends.


There are several variations of the Golden Rule. One version is even called The Platinum Rule. The debate about the full impact of the reciprocal nature of the rule can lead to flame wars. Head over to the Golden Rule Definitions page for more details.

The primary definition I will use for the site is formulated by Harry Gensler:

“Treat others only as you consent to being treated in the same situation.”

The Goal:

My goal is to spread the word about how to apply the Golden Rule to modern situations, especially in sales, customer service, marketing, and beyond.

I use the Golden Rule to build a philosophy of business and life. I know I’m not the first person to think of this. And I hope I’m not the last.

After years of working with customers and clients, I found that if I work to help other people accomplish their goals, they will help accomplish mine. If I focused on providing the best service, money would follow. I’m going to transform how we think about the world through the application and interpretation of the Golden Rule. This is my overarching theme in what I do. And it is my core principle.

Who This Site is Not For

This is not for general readership, rather it is for those dedicated to doing the right thing for their customers, employees, citizens, and neighbors. If you are opposed to using the Golden Rule or have mis-understood “self-interest” philosophy, this site is not for you.

Pretty much every religion offers this pithy statement as key belief. This site is not about religion or religious beliefs, it is about how we can all do a better job with each other using the Golden Rule. If you wish to debate religious applications or topics, please find another site.

What You Will Not Find Here:

  • Political analysis. The Golden Rule is relevant to politics, however, let’s keep those views to other sites.
  • News analysis unrelated to the main topics.
  • Bad attitudes. Unfriendly comments, emails, etc will never receive responses and may be deleted just as people would remove you as friends or employees in the same situation. If you can’t practice the Golden Rule here, then where will you practice it?

Our Movement: Golden Rule Reborn

Golden Rule Now transforms the way we do business, conduct marketing, and make sales, travel, and live life. Let’s build a community of people dedicated to practicing this Rule daily. Join us and learn how to apply the simplest rule in all aspects of life.

I believe there is a growing group of people who are looking for a better way to go through life and business, not realizing the answer is so simple that it’s been staring at them for their entire lives.

And they want a simple answer.

There is one.

Learning it, making it a habit is the hard part.

The Golden Rule Has Entelechy.

entelechy: en tel e chy – a realization or actuality as opposed to a potentiality.

You can go from thought to action using the Golden Rule. It’s simple, easy to remember. Just take a moment to think “Is this what I would want to have happen to me?” Then act accordingly.

The thought to action process will help you step back and formulate a better action in daily situations as well as difficult confrontations:


Ask the Golden Rule Question.

Apply it to the situation.


At first, you may find it difficult to apply the Golden Rule to your business or to practice the Rule as a business leader. Perhaps you will it as a personal religious choice. Or you will find any excuse to avoid thinking and applying (hey, thinking is hard). If so, I hope you keep reading, thinking, and perhaps one day, act.

An Invitation to Join the Movement

Join us. Connect, communicate, collaborate, learn, and share your experiences with the Golden Rule. We will learn together, applying the Golden Rule to business, sales, marketing, and other situations. Learning how to use the Golden Rule effectively and actively practicing will improve your business, career, and possibly your life.