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“The golden rule for every businessman is this: Put yourself in your customer’s place.” – Orison Swett Marden.

I believe you can make your organization a service culture dedicated to deeply understanding your client’s view of their business.

If you are not sure how to do this, we should chat. I can help.

Why Should I Hire You? I Can Just Read Your Site!

Yes, and I encourage you to do so as long as you take the lessons and turn them into business reality.

The Golden Rule is easy.

Making it part of your business culture is hard. Finding, hiring, and retaining people who intuitively use the Golden Rule for your customers’ benefit is hard. Acting in the interest of your customer at all times is hard.

If you are on this page, something in your organization, business, or department is not aligned with the Golden Rule and you would like to fix it. Perhaps you aren’t sure what that something is. Is it a person? A process that is misaligned? Is it you?

Become a deeper part of Golden Rule Now by acting now. Depending on your needs, I can help you pinpoint problem areas or create a roadmap to the Golden Rule Organization.

If you really believe your business already practices the Golden Rule for amazing results, then let me know right now! We’ll create a guest post, a case study, and more to promote your organization.

Are you not ready to be featured as a Golden Rule Organization? We can change that together.

Why Start with the Golden Rule?

As I often point out on this site, the Golden Rule should be the starting point for any endeavor because its ethic of reciprocity seen from the customer’s point of view is the only sure way to know you are helping your target market.

What’s the best way to see things from another’s perspective? How do I do this for my business or team? It is very simple:

Ask the Golden Rule Questions

When you start a business, create a new service, build a product, or design a space, you need to

  1. Find a problem to solve.
  2. Find a solution that sells.

How do you find that solution? Use Golden Rule Questions.

Evaluating ideas, concepts, organized solutions is not just saying I can solve X problem with Y solution.

Be careful how you ask the question and when. Some companies focus on conjoint analysis (choice tradeoffs) or focus groups, etc… this leads marketers to ask, “How can we address all of the usual complaints about coffee makers?” Rather, marketers should ask, “How can we create a coffee making experience that treats our customers the way they want to be treated?”

Much like the 5 Whys of Kanban continuous improvement tools, the Golden Rule Question is asked about the solution at each decision point.

For your target audience, craft the Golden Rule Question. Each organization can ask the question in a slightly different way as long as it answers:

  • Is this something that I would use?
  • Is this something I would ask my customers to use?

 Need help? Let’s chat!

Why Should I Hire You?

There is my unique perspective from years of practicing customer service. Those experiences became what you see here on Golden Rule Now. It’s what I practice every day. I approach business and other parts of life to better understand how things can be better for all people, not just me.

In my early working days, I helped people with their computers. I wrote short guides for people and delivered really great service, at least for a high school student. I made some mistakes, but I learned to not do those again. My goal was to always solve the customer’s problem. I spent time to find out what they wanted to do, what they had done, and explained their options for a resolution. Most of all, I wanted to use my knowledge to help others gain what I had from computers.

In the next few years I went from computer tech support to leading the entire support team because I focused on solving the problem in a friendly way and solving it fast. When was the last time you felt you were wowed by the tech support people? Or your lawyer? Or how about your accountant? The big mistake I made in technical support was not spending more time training the team on service orientation. You can always train for skills, but it’s harder to find the right attitude.

Then I went into a lucrative sales career. I quickly discovered that I was the customer’s advocate for solving their business need using the  company’s capabilities. It could be a simple invoice question or a much deeper question about the chances of industry nationalization. Since I viewed any chance to speak to a prospect as a chance to make a sale, I became known as responsive, customer oriented, and trustworthy. I would rather tell a prospect we could not help with our services than have them come back to me later asking for a refund. I doubled my territory sales in 18 months and was $1 million over quota. I attributed my success to service, because I treated people the way I want to be treated when I ask for other professionals’ help.

Most people think of marketing as quite different from sales. The reality is the same customer orientation is required to be successful marketer because you have to deliver to Sales just as much as you have to deeply understand the target audiences. The Golden Rule is the starting point for understanding any potential customer, their needs, problems, and how they want you to solve those needs.

Badges of Honor:
Marketo Champion, 2012-13 and Marketo Certified Expert.
Best Wireless/IT Plan, 2006 Rice University
MBA, Marketing, Eller College of Management, The University of Arizona
B.A., Economics with Honors, Brandeis University.

Demand generation and marketing automation consultant.
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Choose Your Solution

How can I help you achieve your business goals with a focus on the Golden Rule?

One-on-One Golden Rule Business Coaching: USD$977.00
They say change comes from the top. If your top and bottom lines are not meeting the promises you made to the Board, we should talk. Together, we’ll pick apart your goals and your organization and re-organize your systems and your culture one step at a time. Your team will be able to lead, teach, and transform the organization into a Golden Rule business where people want to work because they can help solve a specific problem with a solution that can be delivered for Wow results.

What You Receive: 4 one hour sessions via GoToWebinar over a two week period. Sessions can be recorded.

Book your sessions now.

Golden Rule Service Coaching for Teams: USD$997.00
Is your firm focused on the gold instead of the Golden Rule? Let’s show them how awesome your team can be!
Is your service team flailing? Are customers leaving or complaining that your business is not taking care of them? I can help. Over three 90-minute sessions I take you through the Golden Rule Question process, providing a roadmap for your team to go from “Why do people call me in the middle of Facebook?” to “Let’s make sure I find a solution for you, even if we can’t provide it.”

What You Receive: 3 90 minute sessions via GoToWebinar. Up to 25 participants. Sessions can be recorded.

Tailored Consulting. $250 per hour, minimum 10 hours.
Interested in applying the Golden Rule, but would like to work out a plan that is not disruptive to your revenue stream? Let’s talk.

Special offer for stealth startups or businesses with five or fewer employees: 1 hour, $250.00 training.

100% Money Back Guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee

Remember, I believe passionately that the Golden Rule will help your business achieve amazing results. It may not happen today, tomorrow, but it will happen with dedicated practice of the Golden Rule. I am committed to helping you achieve this for your business. So I am putting my business on the line for yours. If you are ever unhappy with my products or coaching; if you believe it will never work for you; if you don’t get the results you want, I will refund 100% of your money.

It’s easy, all you have to do is email me within 30 days of the completion of the course and tell me why the Golden Rule will not work for you. That’s it. You will receive a 100% refund shortly after I receive your email. I’ll even eat the merchant processing costs.

How to Book a Golden Rule Service Session

Need help? Call me now:
 +1.617.564.3079 or jdhill {at}


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I know you’ll help me get the same results? 

100% Money Back Guarantee

My reputation matters. A lot. I can guarantee I will work with you and your team so you understand how to apply the Golden Rule to your business, product, or service. I believe in the power of the Golden Rule to transform your business, service, and profits I will refund your money within 30 days if you do not believe it will work for you.

All you have to do is email me within 30 days of purchase or the completion of the course and tell me why the Golden Rule will not work for you. That’s it. You will receive 100% refund shortly after I receive your email. I’ll even eat the merchant processing costs.

2. How do I know if you are qualified?

Please see my qualifications above and my LinkedIn Profile.

More importantly, read this site. Here I share everything I believe in when it comes to making business better, from service to products. The Golden Rule does work. Legendary companies use it, so do many of the most profitable companies, and the companies with high satisfaction scores use it. Why not use it too?

3. Do you have any relevant certifications?

No, I have no current certifications from any organization or state. My experience and writings speak for themselves. I spend a great deal of time considering the Golden Rule and how it can be used across the business spectrum. While I do focus on a few key topics, the core of any business is to organize a solution to a problem someone has, whether that is a close shave or legal advice.

My experience in support, sales, and marketing in the past 17 years boil down to one phrase, “do unto others as you would have them do unto you in the same situation.” I am happy to share those experiences to work with your team to unlock your own route to the Golden Rule, and higher profits.

4. Do I pay you up front?

In most cases my fees are 100% paid up front via PayPal. If you are interested in a custom, or in person coaching course, please contact me.

 5. Are there other firms I can use instead?

Absolutely. In fact, I am sure there are dozens of customer service gurus around the world, each offering his or her take on how to become a customer oriented organization. My unique perspective is that the Golden Rule underlies those consultants’ programs as well as the core of any business. Profit is a by-product of providing an excellent service someone needs. Profit comes last and only after delivering a solution to the customer, which is why profit is the bottom line. Service is the core and is listed above profit.

6. How do I know my data is safe with you? Aren’t you just some guy on the internet?

If you read this blog you know my ethic is based on the Golden Rule and I have a strong customer service orientation. I am also honest. Perhaps too honest. My goal is to help you create a service, product, or business rooted in the Golden Rule which will invariably lead you to your goals of happy customers who provide you profit.

Of course, I will be glad to sign any standard non-disclosure agreement. I cannot sign exclusivity or non-compete agreements, (sorry, have to eat!), however, you can be assured I will never disclose your private information or procedures with your competitors, vendors, or clients.

7. Do you sell my contact details or use them in your own demand generation efforts?

I do not sell or rent anyone’s details. I just don’t do that. Would I want someone to do that to me? No, so I don’t do it to you. See my privacy policy as well.

If you sign up for Golden Rule Now Updates or specific offers, then I may contact you regarding that until you unsubscribe. If you would like me to unsubscribe you, email

8. Your rates are too high, can you give me a discount?

The rates above are set and in line with similar consultants at this experience level. The amount is designed to ensure I take your business as seriously as you do. My rates are set to offer you extraordinary value for the results you will achieve if you implement my advice and training.

How to Hire Me Now:

Call me at +1.617.564.3079 or jdhill {at}