Privacy Policy

Since my core value is to treat others the way I would want to be treated in the same situation, the privacy policy at Golden Rule Now is very important.

So if you prefer anonymity, then please do not engage with the community here in any way.

First, I will always allow you, the reader, to opt in or out at any time. There are no tricks here. If I ask you to provide your email address for a specific purpose, I will use it for that purpose. If you sign up for an RSS feed, I won’t know your details. Feedburner does collect your email if you choose the email option. I can see that email list with personal email addresses. I am going to make a pledge to you because it is the Golden Rule thing to do: I will not use your RSS Reader Email Address. Of course, you can sign up for the much more awesome Newsletter and Blog Update Email List which will send you regular blog updates as well as other valuable emails to help your business grow.

You will always be able to unsubscribe anytime. If for any reason the link does not work for you, email and I will handle it personally.

If you like my emails, would you put me in your Contact list? If you don’t want to receive my emails anymore, please click Unsubscribe so I don’t lose my email reputation. I’d do the same for you.

Second, if we collect personally identifiable information including, but not limited to

  • Name
  • Address
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Credit cards

We will take care to use best practice security with that data.

Third, I do not rent my email list or mailing lists. Really.

Fourth, we’re creating a community here. If you choose to post to Comments, then you are agreeing to putting yourself out there. Yes, I know who you are (and so does everyone else). If you don’t want other people to see what you wrote, don’t write it. I do not spam commenters. I do not take your emails from the comments (not even sure I can!).

If you join the various social networks Golden Rule Now is a part of, then those privacy policies may also come into play. I will do my best to create a fun, engaging, and meaningful framework for interaction. Those social networks are not within my control.

  • Facebook: please like my page! Join the conversation and show your commitment to the Golden Rule.
  • LinkedIn: We all know this network is for business discussions, which means I created several groups and sub-groups for us to discuss how to make businesses better with the Golden Rule. When you join the GR LinkedIn Groups, I don’t receive your direct email, however, I will know who you are when you link to me and to the groups. Be sure to set your email and contact settings to what you like. I do send Group Updates, Event Invitations, etc.
  • Google Plus: I use my own G+ account and the GoldenRuleNow GPlus Page. If you circle me in or follow me, I will know who you are and can send you updates. In theory, I may be able to email you, but I don’t plan to.
  • Twitter: I do monitor and respond to DMs, etc. I do tweet about Golden Rule related topics, events, my posts, and RT useful information to the community. If you follow the site twitter account, then you will get updates. Follow @goldenrulesnow if you want updates related to this site. Remember Twitter can be read by everyone. Follow @jdavidhill if you want more personal interaction, random travel updates, or my other random thoughts.

If you choose to receive social network updates via Email, then it is your choice. I have no control over your personal account preferences. Do what works for you.

Fifth, a bit about web tracking. I am running a website and a web business, so the internet being what it is, your interactions are recorded. And I do use aggregate data to help improve your experience here. Here are more specifics:

  • Google Analytics! Oh no! The evil behemoth. They don’t tell me anything other than aggregate, anonymized data.
  • Affiliate links: none at this time and I will be transparent about it if I change this. I do not collect private details from these links, the affiliates do.
  • Cookies: I do my best to comply with local and international laws. The only cookies that I am aware of and actively using are WordPress, Google Analytics, and Google Website Optimizer. These tools provide me with anonymous, aggregated data on site usage so I can provide you with a better experience by understanding what is working and what is not. You can choose to block cookies using your browser privacy settings. If you do encounter a problem, please let me know at